Press Coverage

  • MarineLink

    Professional mariners know the life-threatening hazards of falling overboard, but may not consider how critical the recovery window is, especially with a moving vessel.

  • Professional Mariner Magazine

    He said all of the company’s crews are provided with ALERT2 personal transmitters — typically affixed to their flotation vests — which activate when submerged. A radio signal is transmitted to a receiver in the wheelhouse, a siren sounds and a red “man overboard” light is illuminated. Other SCF boats in the area up to 1 nm away can receive the alert.

  • OnboardOnline

    “The most important factor is an immediate alert when someone has fallen overboard,” says Robert Linder, president of Emerald Marine, which produces the ALERT2 MOB system. “The sooner the vessel the person fell off is warned, an immediate rescue operation can be begin.”

  • Fishermen's News

    An American Seafoods deckhand, about to hook a Gilson into a Caught End to lift the bag, is properly equipped for safety with a hardhat, Stearns PFD/Life Vest, and an Alert 2 Man Overboard Alarm in the black pouch on the right shoulder of the PFD.

  • Yachting Magazine

    One intriguing piece of equipment was the Alert Man-Overboard Alarm ( that combines several functions into one package. A water-activated transmitter, about the size of a mini-flashlight, is clipped to each crew member. Once overboard, it transmits a radio signal to a receiver on board, which sets off a very loud alarm, alerting the entire crew. Then, using the Alert Direction Finder, the boat can home in on the victim from as far away as one mile. In testing, the loud horn and red LED on the direction finder pointed us directly back within feet of the victim.