Press Coverage

  • Yachtsman Magazine

    Even with crew onboard, alone in the cockpit or on deck at night, what would happen if you somehow went overboard? How would you alert the crew, and how would they locate you? The ALERT2 system overcomes many of the downfalls of AIS and EPIRB systems, most notably, an almost instantaneous alert time, providing crew the critical extra seconds needed for a successful man overboard rescue.

  • The Maritime Executive

    Tugboat companies complying with Subchapter M regulations are required to have man overboard (MOB) procedures in place, including a way of retrieving crew who have fallen overboard. C-HERO has put together a package to help tug and barge workers fulfill this mandate, the MOB Total Solution. The system includes the C-HERO Lift™ Portable MOB Davit, C-HERO Reach™ Attachment Pole, and Emerald Marine Products' ALERT2 Man-Overboard Alarm System.

  • Marine Electronics

    At its most basic, the easily installed ALERT2 Man-Overboard Alarm System consists of the AT101 Transmitter and AR100 Receiver. Combined, the reliable and proven system provides crew with the critical extra seconds needed for a successful, locally managed man overboard (MOB) rescue operation.

  • MarineLink

    Professional mariners know the life-threatening hazards of falling overboard, but may not consider how critical the recovery window is, especially with a moving vessel.

  • Professional Mariner Magazine

    He said all of the company’s crews are provided with ALERT2 personal transmitters — typically affixed to their flotation vests — which activate when submerged. A radio signal is transmitted to a receiver in the wheelhouse, a siren sounds and a red “man overboard” light is illuminated. Other SCF boats in the area up to 1 nm away can receive the alert.