Press Coverage

  • The Maritime Executive

    Safety is important on any boat, even more so when scientists and inexperienced students are working on deck. The School of Oceanography at the University of Washington protects those on board its two research vessels with Emerald Marine Products' ALERT Man-Overboard (MOB) Alarm Systems™. "We chose the ALERT system because of its simplicity and affordability—it's a good value," said Capt. Douglas Russell, manager of marine operations. "And, we received great customer care during the purchase process."

  • The Waterways Journal

  • Street Insider

    Marine workers wear PrecyseTech Badge Agents and vests with the ALERT2 Man-Overboard Transmitter which is wirelessly linked to the PrecyseTech Badge Agent (BA) – a personal communication and tracking device. In the event of a man overboard, the ALERT2 and BA notify the inPALMsm MOB Rescue Application at the Control Center and the Rescue Vessels.

  • The Maritime Executive

    La Crosse, Wisconsin-based Brennan knows the value of preparedness. Because of this, it places its trust in Emerald Marine Products' ALERT2 Man-Overboard Alarm System.

  • Yachtsman Magazine

    Even with crew onboard, alone in the cockpit or on deck at night, what would happen if you somehow went overboard? How would you alert the crew, and how would they locate you? The ALERT2 system overcomes many of the downfalls of AIS and EPIRB systems, most notably, an almost instantaneous alert time, providing crew the critical extra seconds needed for a successful man overboard rescue.