When the Difference Between Life and Death Is a Mere 3 Minutes

It was 4:30am in the morning on the Ohio River in winter. The motor vessel, Champion Coal, was moving barges when the unthinkable happened. A veteran deckhand, Tim Vrable, fell overboard.

Fortunately Tim was wearing the ALERT2 Transmitter, which immediately alarmed the Man-Overboard Receiver in the wheelhouse, sounding its 95 decibel alarm. The crew was instantly alerted and able to rescue the deckhand in minutes to get him out of the frigid water, chilled to the bone but alive.

It’s now company policy to wear the ALERT2 Man-Overboard Alarm on your life vest at all times.

Check out this video reenactment of the alert and rescue testimonial.

Consol Energy March 8, 2017