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Find out what others have to say about our ALERT man-overboard ship alarms and OSCAR Water Rescue Training Dummies in our press coverage section. Regularly practicing your man-overboard rescue procedures with our training dummies and ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm Systems helps you and your crew spring into action during an emergency situation. Our OSCAR water rescue training dummies and ALERT systems have made an impact on commercial fishermen, yachters, marine construction workers, research teams, military and law enforcement crews, and everyday sailors. Learn how people incorporate our ALERT man-overboard ship alarms and OSCAR Water Rescue Training Dummies into their man-overboard rescue procedures here.

  • The Waterway's Journal

    Brennan Marine Installs ALERT2 MOB Alarms On Six Vessels

    Brennan Marine installs ALERT2 MOB Alarms on six vessels. "Seconds mean everything in a man overboard situation," said Adam Binsfeld, Brennan Marine COO. "We took it a step further and set it up to alert our dispatchers, who can then mobilize additional support if needed. It really quickens our overall response"

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  • MarineLink

    Meet OSCAR, the Water Rescue Training Dummy

    Recovering someone who has fallen into the water is no easy task, especially if the victim is unconscious or lethargic due to cold temperatures. Training is essential to prepare potential rescuers for how difficult it can actually be. The OSCAR Water-Rescue Training Dummy from Emerald Marine Products is used by safety instructors across North America for teaching people what it's like to retrieve a lifeless, 180 lb. adult.

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  • The Maritime Executive

    University Readies Its Ships Against MOB Incident

    Safety is important on any boat, even more so when scientists and inexperienced students are working on deck. The School of Oceanography at the University of Washington protects those on board its two research vessels with Emerald Marine Products' ALERT Man-Overboard (MOB) Alarm Systems™. "We chose the ALERT system because of its simplicity and affordability—it's a good value," said Capt. Douglas Russell, manager of marine operations. "And, we received great customer care during the purchase process."

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  • The Waterways Journal

    MOB Transmitter for Shoreside Workers article in Waterways Journal

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  • Street Insider

    PrecyseTech Announces New inPALM(sm) MOB Rescue System Improving Worker Safety For Marine Infrastructure Projects; Teaming With Emerald Marine Products

    Marine workers wear PrecyseTech Badge Agents and vests with the ALERT2 Man-Overboard Transmitter which is wirelessly linked to the PrecyseTech Badge Agent (BA) – a personal communication and tracking device. In the event of a man overboard, the ALERT2 and BA notify the inPALMsm MOB Rescue Application at the Control Center and the Rescue Vessels.

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