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We offer exclusive access to our latest press releases and most recent news stories here. You’ll find updates for Emerald Marine Products’ man-overboard devices, including the ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm System and OSCAR Water Rescue Training Dummy. You’ll also discover helpful tips and tricks to optimize your vessel’s man-overboard recovery systems and water rescue procedures. Whether you’re a singlehander, a crewmember in the tow and tug industry, or the captain of a marine research vessel, you’ll find insight into the many benefits of our man-overboard devices in these articles. Check back regularly to view new press releases on our man-overboard recovery systems and more.

  • Solo Fisherman Prepares for Man-Overboard Situation

    [caption id="attachment_3229" align="alignnone" width="200"] F/V Destiny and the ALERT Overboard Alarm[/caption] The cold, shark-infested waters off the Farallon Islands are

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  • Instructors Agree on OSCAR Water-Rescue Training Dummy

    Recovering someone who has fallen into the water is no easy task, especially if the victim is unconscious or lethargic due to cold temperatures. Training is essential to prepare potential rescuers for how difficult it can actually be. The OSCAR Water-Rescue Training Dummy™ from Emerald Marine Products is used by safety instructors across North America for teaching people what it's like to retrieve a lifeless, 180 lb. adult.

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  • University Readies Its Ships Against MOB Incident

    Safety is important on any boat, even more so when scientists and inexperienced students are working on deck. The School of Oceanography at the University of Washington protects those on board its two research vessels with Emerald Marine Products' ALERT Man-Overboard (MOB) Alarm Systems™. If someone should fall overboard, an alarm instantly sounds, providing critical extra time for a successful recovery in the cold Pacific Northwest waters and points beyond. The university purchased ALERT2 systems for its 274' R/V Thomas G. Thompson and 66' R/V Clifford A. Barnes.

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  • MOB Transmitter Ideal for Shoreside Workers

    Employers who invest in an ALERT418™ Man-Overboard Alarm System from Emerald Marine Products demonstrate a firm commitment to safety for their employees. Workers at marine terminals and construction sites are protected when working around water, especially when out of sight of each other.

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  • For Blue Water, a Man-Overboard Alarm Is a Must

    Blue water cruisers, sailors and mega yacht deckhands understand the seriousness of a man-overboard situation. When every second matters, the key to a successful recovery is a quick response by crew. Emerald Marine Products' ALERT418™ Man-Overboard System is a water-activated transmitter that instantly sets off a cabin or helm alarm when submerged, without the delay common with systems that rely on satellite signals.

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