Added an External Alarm and Saved a Life

Recently we installed an external alarm to our ALERT2 system and it helped us respond quickly when we had a Man-Overboard situation. Thankfully the rescue occurred under seven minutes, all made possible by the quick alarm functionality of the ALERT2 Man-Overboard Alarm System.

Marine Terminal on Mississippi River March 29, 2018

Keep Safety Simple

"We chose the ALERT system because of its simplicity and affordability—it's a good value, and, we received great customer care during the purchase process."

Captain Douglas Russell Manager of Marine Operations, University of Washington May 11, 2017

Seconds Mean Everything

Seconds mean everything in a man overboard situation. We took the ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm System a step further and set it up to alert our dispatchers, who can then mobilize additional support if needed. It really quickens our overall response.

Adam Binsfeld COO, Brennan Marine March 11, 2017

When the Difference Between Life and Death Is a Mere 3 Minutes

Last salmon season, steaming near the Farallons at 16 knots, my stainless steel seat post broke almost sending me over the rail. I fish alone. The thought of watching my boat sail away, whether at 16 or 3 knots wasn’t something I was willing to accept. The ‘ALERT2 engine kill’ and a permanent ladder to get back in the boat was the answer.

Jim Colomy. F/V Destiny March 8, 2017

See It, To Believe It

Riverland AG operating a grain terminal in Shakopee, MN was interested in purchasing the ALERT2 Man-Overboard Alarm System to offer greater security to their employees who off load grain from barges on the Minnesota River. Randy Donnell, Terminal Manager was in the process of testing our ALERT2 system when an actual Man-Overboard occurrence happened. “We have received and installed the base and attached the transmitters to the vests. Our base unit is up high and 300-400’ from the barges. We tested the unit by going the furthest away that we could and getting behind a barge. That test was successful. One of our guys decided to do a real life test this morning…much to his chagrin. The Alert2 worked perfectly.” Fortunately the occurrence was not a fatality and proved the reliability of the ALERT2 Man-Overboard Alarm System. An order for the product came a few days later. To further enhance the ALERT2’s quick response, Riverland AG installed a low-cost peizo alarm that easily connects to the back of the ALERT2 Receiver. By attaching the peizo alarm to the receiver, a louder and more remote alarm can be sounded and responded to.

Riverland AG January 23, 2017