For Blue Water, a Man-Overboard Alarm Is a Must

February 7, 2017

Blue water cruisers, sailors and megayacht deckhands understand the seriousness of a man-overboard situation. When every second matters, the key to a successful recovery is a quick response by crew. Emerald Marine Products’ ALERT418™ Man-Overboard System is a water-activated transmitter that instantly sets off a cabin or helm alarm when submerged, without the delay common with systems that rely on satellite signals.

The ALERT418 Transmitter is a small, lightweight device that’s attached to a PFD or harness. It runs on two CR123 lithium batteries and has six flashing LED lights for increased visibility. A red LED flashes when power is low. For wet conditions, a Spray Tight Pouch is available.

When immersed, it sends an instantaneous signal to the ALERT Man-Overboard Receiver that automatically triggers a piercing 95dB alarm and bright red flashing light on the display. It can be wired to set a waypoint on a compatible GPS chartplotter, activate external strobes and speakers, and/or stop engines. It’s ideal for shorthanded mariners—even if tethered—when alone on watch while others are sleeping.

Unlike devices that rely on AIS—either by manual activation or equipment such as an auto-inflating PFD—the ALERT418 Man-Overboard System responds immediately. There is no satellite lag.

Some newer man-overboard systems utilize Bluetooth that trigger a smartphone app alarm if the transponder is immersed. Others rely on
proprietary wireless signals that shut down engines if they get beyond a set geofence. While adequate for inland and near-shore boaters, offshore mariners need the proven technology that the ALERT418 system provides.

Widely in use by commercial marine professionals around the world, the ALERT418 Man-Overboard System comes with a transmitter, receiver, 15″ flexible whip antenna, 25′ of coaxial cable and mounting hardware.

Emerald Marine Products’ ALERT418 Man-Overboard System starts at $1,088.

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