OSCAR Water Rescue Training Dummy™


Practice Man-Overboard training sessions with a dummy that replicates a 180 pound rescue victim. Storage weight dry is 35 pounds. Fill OSCAR with water, and OSCAR replicates an adult Man-Overboard with head and arms floating above the water. OSCAR will give your water rescue training team a realistic victim to work with, so in the event the unthinkable happens, your crew will be prepared for the rescue.

  • Easily transportable
  • Constructed for realistic rescue simulation
  • Quickly set up and take down training
  • Durable and built to last

You can now purchase either the Forest Green or Orange OSCAR – Water Rescue Training Dummy easily and securely by contacting us at 800-426-4201.


OSCAR is designed and built to easily simulate the most realistic man-overboard rescue training of a human being. Training rescue crews using OSCAR will ensure that they are prepared to lift and move an adult-sized human out of the water.

Easily Transportable
“OSCAR” is a man-overboard dummy used for training water rescue personnel. OSCAR is designed for easy transport to your training location. He weighs 35 pounds dry and 180 pounds when filled with water to replicate the size and weight of an adult.

Constructed for Realistic Rescue Simulation
OSCAR floats at chest level like a human. At 180 pounds, he provides a very realistic human size and weight to properly train your rescue team for the recovery of a victim out of the water and into a rescue craft.

Quick Set Up and Take Down for Training
Before use, the bladders are filled with fresh or saltwater from a deck hose. After the training exercise, the bladders can be drained for transport and stowage. A galvanized shackle allows easy lifting from the shoulder.

Durable and Built to Last
OSCAR is manufactured from extremely tough vinyl impact bladders with stainless steel joints to withstand repetitive drops overboard from any realistic height.

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 12 in