Man-Overboard Transmitter Ideal for Shoreside Workers

Employers who invest in an ALERT418™ Man-Overboard Alarm System from Emerald Marine Products demonstrate a firm commitment to safety for their employees. Workers at marine terminals and construction sites are protected when working around water, especially when out of sight of each other.

The ALERT system also addresses the serious issue of liability. It’s an added layer of protection for both the employee and the company. It can also make recruiting and retaining quality employees easier.

When immersed, the ALERT418 Transmitter sends an instantaneous signal to the ALERT Man-Overboard Receiver, automatically triggering a piercing 95dB alarm and bright red flashing light on the receiver’s display. It can also be wired to activate external strobes and speakers. The receiver is typically housed in an office or on a construction barge, but can be installed anywhere there is power and a place to mount the antenna.

Someone falling into water with a 3 knot flow will drift 300′ in 60 seconds. Even with a PFD, if that person is injured, unconscious, in cold water or it’s dark, it could mean a fatality if not recovered immediately. The ALERT system provides the critical extra time needed for a successful rescue operation.

Emerald Marine’s durable ALERT418 Transmitter has six LEDs that flash when activated to assist in locating the victim. It runs on two CR123 lithium batteries and has a low power indicator. At only 4.25″ L x 1.5″ W x 1″ D and 3.6 oz., it’s easily worn on a PFD without getting in the way.

“We’re honored that employers all over the world place their trust in our equipment to keep their workers safe when near the water,” said Robert Linder, Emerald Marine Products president. A video describing how the ALERT System saved a deckhand from a near-fatal barge accident is at

The ALERT418 Man-Overboard Alarm System comes with a transmitter, receiver, 15″ flexible whip antenna, 25′ of coaxial cable and mounting hardware, and starts at $1,098. It has a 3-year warranty on parts and labor.

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