F/V Northern Jaeger Visits Emerald Marine Products

F/V Northern Jaeger Outside Emerald Marine Products

Every once in a while we are pleased to see a vessel sailing up Puget Sound past the Emerald Marine Products office that is a customer of ours. We were pleased to see the F/V Northern Jaeger sail by last Saturday. The Northern Jaeger proudly uses the ALERT418 Man-Overboard Alarm System to protect the crew working near the stern of the ship.

American Seafoods has been a great customer of the Emerald Marine Products MOB awareness product line for many years. Recently they upgraded the ALERT2 system to the ALERT418 system which provides the ship with additional information in the event of a Man-Overboard incident.

We strongly believe that all commercial fishing vessels, especially the smaller family-owned fleets would benefit from the life-saving capabilities of the ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm System. From automatic alert within seconds, to engine-kill capabilities to entended alerting capabilities, the ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm Systems is the best choice for commercial fisherman. For further information contact us.