About Us

Emerald Marine Products Corporation was founded by Dr. Page Read in 1996 specifically addressing the need to alert crew of a man-overboard situation. Dr. Read created the original ALERT product line after an epiphany one night while sailing. He realized that if he fell overboard, no one on his sailboat would know. In 2001, Dr. Read introduced a digital version of the ALERT, now known as the ALERT2 product, to notify the vessel and crew on-board of a fall-overboard.

Emerald Marine Products has always manufactured their reliable and durable marine safety products in Seattle, Washington. We are proud that all our major components and assembly occurs in the United States. Hundreds of ships, in dozens of industry sectors have relied on Emerald Marine Products to provide peace of mind for man-overboard concerns.

The manufacturing and distribution rights of the ALERT2 Man-Overboard Alarm System™ and OSCAR Water Rescue Training Dummy™ were sold to Full House Ventures, Inc. (FHV) in November, 2013. FHV has continued all manufacturing and support of the products in Seattle, Washington and is registered Doing Business As Emerald Marine Products. Robert Linder, President of FHV is proud to support the hundreds of ALERT and OSCAR customers while growing the awareness and product line of this proven, reliable and durable technology.

Emerald Marine Products is deeply committed to marine safety and ensuring the continual development of high quality, reliable man-overboard rescue products. To this day, Dr. Read is still actively involved with the product development as a Trusted Advisor.