Man-Overboard Prevention

While man-overboard prevention is the best-case scenario, accidents happen. That’s why we provide a selection of man-overboard products, such as ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm Systems and the OSCAR Water Rescue Training Dummy, to improve the chances of a fast and successful water rescue.

Overboard injuries and deaths are, unfortunately, quite common. To best ensure the safety of crew members and passengers alike, it’s important to always follow best practices. In the event that someone falls overboard, our ALERT system can help rescuers perform a swift rescue.

ALERT man-overboard products feature a Transmitter, a Receiver, and a Portable Direction Finder. These systems instantaneously emit a highly audible piercing noise within the vessel to alert the crew when someone falls overboard. The ALERT system can also be programmed to turn off a vessel’s engine the moment the person falls overboard.

There are a variety of factors that may cause a person to fall into the water. Factors include but aren’t limited to:

Vigilance and awareness are two of the best ways to prevent man-overboard scenarios. Continually check to ensure that the vessel is in safe working order, that there is adequate lighting, and that work conditions don’t place the crew or anyone else in danger. Consult with your crew and educate them about the particular risks and hazards on your vessel. Emerald Marine Products’ ALERT system and OSCAR training dummy are excellent ways to go above and beyond, and they help make successful man-overboard rescues a certainty.