ALERT Portable Overboard Alarm Stand


ALERT Portable Man-Overboard Alarm Stand, combines a heavy-duty metal stand, marine-grade antenna, cable, and 110volt power converter. Purchase an ALERT Receiver and any amount of ALERT Transmitters to protect your crew and you are ready for any fall-overboard alert within seconds.


Protect your crew easily and affordably with our ALERT Portable Man-Overboard Alarm System ™. Combining the fastest man-overboard alerting technology of our ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm System ™ with a highly durable and portable stand, you can take ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm System almost anywhere. On the ship or dockside, your crew is protected within minutes, alerting personnel of a fall overboard situation within seconds!

Configure any ALERT Products into a Portable System

If our pre-packaged ALERT Man-Overboard Portable System (AS100) consisting of one ALERT2 Receiver and two ALERT418 Transmitters does not meet your needs, you can configure the ALERT Man-Overboard Portable Alarm System any way you like. If you already have ALERT products and want to create a portable solution, this stand makes an easy transition to highly portable MOB alerting.

Purchase the Portable Stand, then select the ALERT Man-Overboard Receiver (ALERT2 or ALERT418) that best fits your man-overboard alerting needs at your location. In addition to the Receiver, you would purchase the appropriate ALERT Man-Overboard Transmitters (ALERT2 in a nylon pouch, ALERT2 in a spray-tight pouch, or ALERT418 in a spray-tight pouch) that works best for protecting your employees. Intrinsically-Safe Certified Transmitters are also available in model numbers AT201 and AT202.

Built Specifically For These Challenging Times

Realizing that MOB awareness is greater than ever, and the concern of having third parties on-premise to install any electronic solution, Emerald Marine Products has packaged its ALERT Man-Overboard System to be easily implemented in almost any location. Simply add your existing or separately purchased ALERT Man-Overboard Receiver, attach the antenna and cable to the receiver, plug the unit into a 110volt outlet and you are ready to protect your employees. No need for extensive installation, outside contractors, or complicated programming. Watch the video to see how the unit performed on a tugboat when testing out the ALERT system. You can view the video by Clicking Here.

Now is the time to protect your workers. Don’t let the concerns of COVID-19 stop you from protecting your employees from a fall-overboard fatality. We know that MOBs occur regardless of viruses. As the weather warms up and workers work harder than ever, protecting your employees provides them the confidence they need to do a job well.

The ALERT Man-Overboard Portable Stand consists of;

ALERT Portable Stand

6” connection cable

14” Stainless Steel Antenna

110Volt Power Adapter


Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 4.75 × 3.75 in