ALERT2 First

Before an EPIRB, VHF Radio, or Satellite Phone become part of your safety arsenal on your boat, think about the purchase of an ALERT2 safety package. An ALERT2 Transmitter and ALERT2 Receiver is your first defense against a catastrophe on your boat.

As a singlehander or as part of a crew, wear a lightweight durable ALERT2 on your PFD as you move about the outside of your boat. If a rouge wave or some action causes a slip and fall into the water, the boat will be alerted immediately that a fall-overboard has occurred. If you have the boat wired for engine-kill you can swim back to the boat. If other crew are on board, they can hear the alarm and begin searching for you. The ALERT2 is important to begin a localized rescue operation. The first chance of survival is knowledge and sighting of the fall overboard. The EPIRB, VHF Radio or Satellite phone can help support the rescue operation in the event the ALERT2 action needs further assistance.