Further Enhance Your Crew’s Safety

As the United States Coast Guard invites people involved in the Commercial Fishing Industry to learn about the Alternative Safety Compliance Program (ASCP), Emerald Marine Products suggests taking the proposed safety solution a little further to really enhance the potential for saving a life at sea.

In the ASCP Plan, USCG wants existing vessels in the Pacific area over 50 feet in length overall, 25 years or older in age, operating beyond 3 Miles from shore to have their EPIRBs upgraded to GPIRB upon expiration of battery/servicing. Furthermore, DSC Radios must have the MMSI assigned and programmed. Radios onboard need to be GPS equipped or connected to a GPS system. Emerald Marine Products applauds these requirements as they further enhance the ability for first responders to be able to locate the vessel. With an additional piece of equipment, your vessel can potentially save a life in the event of a Man-Overboard (MOB) situation.

With the ALERT2 Man-Overboard Alarm System installed on the vessel, and use of the automatic, water-activated ALERT2 Transmitter, the crew is alerted within seconds that a fall overboard has occurred. It is the quick alert that will give the person who fell overboard the greatest chance of rescue. Quick action from the boat they fell off of can provide a successful conclusion to a potentially tragic event. Furthermore, by meeting the Communication requirements in the ASCP, your vessel will be equipped with the proper equipment if you need to alert other vessels or the US Coast Guard of your MOB situation.

Listed dates for meetings regarding the Alternative Safety Compliance Program is being held in Newport, OR March 16th and 17th. Future meetings will be help in Kodiak, AK at ComFish 2016 and in Seattle, WA at a date to be determined.

Emerald Marine Products manufactures products that can help in the alert and rescue of a fall into water occurrence. If Emerald Marine Products can be of service to your organization in educating and preventing fall in water occurrences, don’t hesitate to contact us at 800-426-4201.