When Mere Seconds Count

workers protected by alerting device show company cares

There are a dozen products on the market that are identified as fall-overboard locator beacons. Our product, the ALERT2 Man-Overboard Alarm System™ has two functions that differentiate from the other fall-overboard locator beacons on the market.

For a vessel moving 6 knots, a person who has fallen overboard will drift 100 feet in 10 seconds, 600 feet in 60 seconds. In between that 10 and 60 seconds, even on a clear day, they are no longer visible to the crew on the boat they just fell off of. When time is of the essence, ALERT2 is far superior to the other fall-overboard locator beacons.

The water-activated ALERT2 Transmitter will begin transmitting a signal as the person comes up for their first breath of fresh air. The ALERT2 Receiver on the boat will alarm, alerting the crew that they have a Man-Overboard situation. With that quick of a response time, there is a very good chance the victim will be spotted and a rescue operation can commence. If wired to the engine, the ALERT2 Receiver can also kill the engine of the boat, giving the person a chance to swim back to the boat.

What sets ALERT2 apart from the other fall-overboard locator beacons is its simplicity in alerting of a fall-overboard and continued transmission to help locate that person in the event the sighting is lost. The ALERT2 operates on a proprietary 418Mhz frequency that allows it to be automatically activated. Many of the newer products that broadcast on the 406Mhz frequency are meant to be ship locating devices and are manually activated. They do not provide that instant alarm to crew like the ALERT2. In the event of an unconscious or panicking victim, 406Mhz products must rely on a self-inflatable Personal Flotation Device (PFD) for activation. What happens if the victim is not wearing a self-inflating (read expensive) PFD or malfunctions trying to inflate? Those precious 10 seconds are lost.

Simplicity of the ALERT2 Man-Overboard Alarm System product line is key. The ALERT2 does not require registration or understanding a lengthy operations manual to understand its function. Because ALERT2 announces a fall-overboard so quickly, other rescue operations can take place such as calling the US Coast Guard or local rescue authorities – reporting the fall-overboard to authorities faster than a 406Mhz product.

No one product offers the total alert solution that mariners would love to have for a guaranteed alert and rescue solution. However, it has been proven by the amount of fall overboard instances that have had successful outcomes, that a quick response by local vessels in the best way to save a life. ALERT2, because of its proprietary and dedicated solution technology, offers the best cost-effective, durable and proven solution for protecting your crew in a potential fall-overboard situation.

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