Wired for Engine-Kill

marine Engine kill device

The phrase, “Wired for engine-kill” has a very serious tone to it. And It should. The practice of killing an engine at an appropriate time can save a life. A kill switch or emergency cutoff switch is a safety mechanism used to shut off machinery in an emergency. Kill switches or emergency cutoff switches are manufactured in many forms for uses within different industries. For explanation purposes, we refer to the marine industry’s use of a kill switch as an engine-kill switch.

Emerald Marine Products has been manufacturing a man-overboard alarm which includes the technology to turn off an engine since 1996. The ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm System effectively works as a kill switch for the boat’s engine, hence the term “engine-kill.”

The Benefit of Engine-Kill Technology

Engine-kill technology is one of the most important tools for man-overboard boat safety. A boat underway encounters various circumstances that could cause the pilot to be ejected from the boat. If the person ejected is the sole occupant, or the only person capable of maneuvering the boat, it’s a matter of life or death that the person can make it back to the boat. On average, using our ALERT Man-Overboard products, a quick engine-kill from a fall overboard can stop a boat within seven seconds. Making it possible to swim back to a boat. Another life-saving reason for an engine-kill on the boat is to prevent the “Circle of Death” a maneuver by an unmanned boat that will cause it to cruise in circles that could actually “run over” the person in the water.

Marine Circle of Death

Here is a video highlighting the “Circle of Death” issue. https://www.passagemaker.com/trawler-news/uscg-requires-engine-cutoff-switches-on-more-boats?jwsource=cl

Installing Engine-Kill Technology is Easy and Required by Law

Since the 1970’s the United States Coast Guard (USCG) has investigated the risks of cruising solo with engine-kill technology installed on a boat. As the years have passed, technology to install engine-kill capability in a boat has evolved, making the installation and use of this life-saving technology easier, more affordable and less obtrusive. In December 2018, Soundings Trade Only Today magazine reported “in December (2018 Congress) passed the Frank Lobiondo Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2018, which includes a provision requiring boat and engine manufacturers, distributors and dealers to install engine cutoff switches on new boats “less than 26 feet overall in length and capable of developing 115 pounds or more of static thrust.”

The requirement pertains to inboards, outboards and sterndrives. The switches must meet American Boat and Yacht Council standards.” Click here for the full article. 

At Emerald Marine Products, we believe this technology is also essential for a solo fisherman and single-hander,regardless of boat size and date of manufacture.Even more important that someone who is operating a boat alone, is protected and safe in the event of a fall overboard. We also believe that the need to install an engine-kill technology increases as the value of the occupants increase. Any commercial fisherman should have engine-kill technology installed on their boat, as highlighted by one of our customers https://emeraldmarineproducts.com/testimonial/cruising-home-at-16-knots/

Emerald Marine Products has been providing life-saving technology to the maritime industry for over twenty years. We were one of the first to market engine-kill technology in our products. We would be happy to discuss what system might work for your particular circumstances. Recreational or Commercial. Contact us using our contact page or simply call us at 800-426-4201 and we will have an honest conversation on what technology will work best for you to protect yourself and your crew.